Early Years (Click to Enlarge and See Full Caption)

This is the picture that got me into all this. It won a baby beauty contest. The prize was free dancing lessons. Daddy said they would lead me straight to hell in an handbasket.


The dancing lessons did lead to my debut: my first role - Dopey, in the Snow White ballet.

03 with bud

My little brother always looked up to me. Surprisingly, he still does.

04 Nikita Jerome and me

Looking back at this shot with my first SERIOUS ballet teacher. it's clear I wasn't going to ever dance Swan Lake, but at the time (1953), everything seemed possible.

05 blondebomshell

My first ever head shot, shooting for Broadway, 1954

06 latin quarter

Landed at the Latin Quarter instead. Here I am with my best friend and roommate, Cherie and a couple of guys who just caught the show. (Red Buttons and Frankie Laine)

07 steam heat

But I did finally make it to Broadway! Here's me doing the Fosse classic from Pajama Game, Steam Heat.

08 jealousy ballet 1

Another pose from Pajama Game.


A memorable summer stock gig: "Red Mill" starring Dan Rowen and Dick Martin.

11 rat pack tweaked

And the ultimate "celeb" picture: me with the Rat Pack in Vegas. I'm the blonde bombshell on the far left (stage right) doing my best to obscure Anita Bryant. This was on the stage of the Silver Slipper Saloon.